Archdiocese of Onitsha|| Welcome to St Albert the Great Schools Odume Layout Obosi


To facilitate qualitative and functional education to our children, using the series of experienced and qualified teachers.


Reaching out to satisfy the educational needs of the public.

National Anthem

Arise, O compatriots
Nigeria’s call obey
To serve our father land
With love and strength and faith
The labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity.

National Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria my country.
To be faithful, loyal and honest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strength.
To defend her unity, and uphold her honor and glory.
So help me God.


Motto: Knowledge, Peace and Power

Our History

St. Albert The Great School Odume-Obosi Made up of Day Care, Primary, Basic and Secondary. The management team consists of the parish priest in charge of the parish as the school manager, the school administrator and heads of Primary, Basic and Secondary sections of the school. The school started in September, 1997 under the auspices of Rev. Fr. Ezeoke the manager and Rev. Sr. Maria Dorathy the Head Teacher. Staff and Children’s strength at start: The Primary and Basic Schools had the strength of the teachers then as eight (8) and one hundred and twenty seven (127) pupils. In 1998 Rev. Sr. Dorathy left and Rev. Sr. Ezeokoli Benedeth continued. Also Rev.Fr. Ezeoke as the manager handed over to Rev. Fr. Mbaegbu as the parish priest and the School Manager. The population of the school increased, as well more teachers were recruited. In 1999, the Dominicans took over the parish and administration of the School changed hand to the Dominicans under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Okpechi Chukwubuikem (OP) and Rev. Sr. Okonkwo Ann as the headmistress. Rev. Fr. Fortunatus (OP) Later took over the batton from Fr. Okpechi (OP) as the school manager. He worked with Rev. Sr. Uju Charity as headmistress. Other Priests that managed the school and their associate school heads are as follows: Rev. Fr. Celestine (OP) and Rev. Sr. Bruno as the headmistress to Mrs Nwokedi became the headmistress till July, 2012. The School Administrator from inception till July, 2012 was Afy Ejike. Then Rev. Fr Alex Agbo (OP) took over from Rev. Fr. Dan (OP) and Mrs Ezeoke T.N became the school Administator and the headmistress with Mrs Jibue Chinwoke taking care of the Primary Section. The college section started under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Dan (OP) in 2011, with most of the teachers engaged as part time teachers. The Pioneer principal was Mr Ejikeme who managed the School for one year. Rev. Fr. Alex Agba (OP) Vigorously fastened the improvement of the entire School System from the time he took over in 2012. There is a face lift to the entire Schools and recruited permanent teachers in college with new principal Rev. Br. Mathew Omoaregham (OP) the vice principal Mrs Anyaeche and Mrs Izuakor Rose as the Dean of studies. New structures were erected from 2012 till date to accommodate the increase population of students and pupils. After one year, Rev. Br. Mathew handed over the office of the principal to Mrs Anyaeche with Ngene Nkiru as Dean of studies. Achievements.  Approval of the primary School was in 2008.  Approval of the Secondary school was in 2013  1st position in match pass during children’s day in 2007 at Ogidi idemili North L.G.A  2nd position in state common enterance into the Junior Secondary School in 2013 in Idemili North.  1st position in Minaj to Cultural Fiesta in 2014.  Scholarship award from various bodies as a result of children’s performances in different activities. Examples are: I. Sir Okafor’s scholarship to Onu Chibuike in 2013 cultural activities. II. Seat of Wisdom foundation Annual scholarship award to the best Primary three (3) child. III. Mr Ezeanya Chetanna’s scholarship to little Miss Mgbodile Ogechi in 2014 graduation activity. To mention but a few.  The soldiers of many Band of St. Albert The Great N/P was nursed by Immaculate Heart of many soldiers in 2005 is used for priestly ordination and other ceremonies in the parish and beyond.  Excursions and picnic visited the state house of Assembly 2014, visited the international Airport Asaba in 2014. Also visited the land of extreme Asaba in the year 2014.  The college students are not left out. The excelled in various academic competitions they joined. In the recent children’s parliament of Idemmili North, three of our children emerged as major officials of the house. This selections was based on merit. The first set of candidates for BECE made a hundred percent success. It was a very good beginning. The subsequent set maintained the level of excellent performance.  ICT: The School has joined the world in the new trend of communication. Our web address is our information gadget is online.  School Bus Service. The school has two standard air-conditioned buses to aid both in the children’s movement and the school run services.  Moral and Academic: As a mission school the tune of discipline and moral standard are high enough. In our academic pursuit, we recognize that the wealth of knowledge in a child can be expressed both in writing and speech. Therefore, we deem it fit that every child must have good command of his/her speech with very good intonation. So we dealt high on Diction.


Systematic approach for online Assignment for our students.


We have an Online School Library for Easy Learning


Our school is focused on bringing up children in the best way. We train our students in the fear of God, discipline and courage.

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